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WInning team from the Tuesday/Wednesday knock-out at the 2014 Wolverine Regional

Here we are in the middle of 2014.  Time for an update.  Both of my books, "Waxing Poetic" and "The Arms of Venus" continue to sell, albeit at a slow pace since they have both been out for some time now.  The follow-up to the "Arms," titled "Rare Earth," should be ready to go to press sometime soon.  In the meantime, "The Arms of Venus" is also available on Kindle and a few people from around the world buy one from time to time.  I'll be posting the availability of the new book sometime soon.

Bridge News
In the past year, I've been playing a lot of bridge.  In the summer of 2013 I made Silver Life Master, and have continued to move forward at a good clip.  I'm hoping for "Gold LM" by sometime in 2015.  Most recently, I was part of a winning knock-out team at the 2014 Wolverine Regional in Farmington Hills, MI, along with Stuart Dow, Ed Herstein, rising star Jordan Kaye, and hot young professional player Jonathon Fleischman.  Thanks for a great event guys! 

On the air!
As of late 2012, I'm no longer doing radio work.  There's always a chance that might change, so check back from time to time for updates.


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